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Intense Repair Body & Hand Cream

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With moisturising hyaluronic acid, alchemilla antioxidants and replenishing shea and cocoa butters, this intense body cream rehydrates, calms and smoothes very dry, rough and thirsty skin.

Introducing the Intense Repair Body & Hand Cream, a luxurious, deeply nourishing formula designed to quench the thirst of even the driest and roughest skin. Our expertly formulated cream combines the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid with the antioxidant properties of alchemilla, working together to rehydrate and protect your skin.

The rich, replenishing blend of shea and cocoa butters further enhances the cream’s ability to nourish and soothe, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft and supple. The addition of bedstraw extract shields your skin against environmental stressors, providing an extra layer of protection.

To experience the remarkable benefits of our Intense Repair Body & Hand Cream, simply massage a generous amount into your hands and body, focusing on areas of dryness or roughness. The fast-absorbing formula will quickly work its magic, leaving your skin feeling deeply hydrated, soothed, and incredibly soft.

Pamper your skin with the luxurious hydration and care provided by our Intense Repair Body & Hand Cream, and discover the difference that powerful, natural ingredients can make.

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30 ml, 50 ml, 60 ml, 150 ml

Skin Type:

Normal, Dry, Problem-prone, Sensitive


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Absolutely love this store! Their eco-friendly approach and high-quality products have transformed my skin.

by Michaela T., Beauty Blogger